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Welcome, weary traveler, to the world of Folklore: The Affliction. If only your journey had brought you to some other, more pleasant land! But alas, your new home is a realm beset by horrors, foul beasts, and unnatural plagues. Whether you are a new comrade or a returning veteran of Kremel, I pity your poor soul…

This Kickstarter is for the second printing of Folklore: The Affliction, an immersive dark fantasy cooperative adventure for 1-5 players. Your characters will grow and progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Every story is broken into chapters, allowing players to control the length of each game session. Most chapters take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, and almost assuredly spell doom for you would-be heroes.

The second edition of the Folklore: The Affliction contains cardboard standees instead of plastic miniatures in the core boxes. The 77 miniatures (in 45 unique sculpts) from the world of Folklore are available packaged separately. Already own the core game, but ready to delve deeper into the darkness? The “Minstrel” pledge level contains seven full-length stories, the Adventure Creation Kit for crafting your own tales, and a Kickstarter exclusive embossed metal coin with inlaid color. Scroll down for more details!

The Folklore Community:

This Kickstarter’s goal is to build a larger community around this game. To help accomplish this, we’ve separated the plastic miniatures into their own box, allowing us to make the core Folklore experience more widely available at a lower price point.  As the community grows, you guys, the vanguard of this realm, will have opportunities to shape the future of Kremel with story creation contests and community votes for branching story paths. 

The biggest thing you can do to help make this happen is participate on the Folklore page of, and share this campaign on social media. Become part of the conversation on the Folklore: The Affliction Community Facebook page and comment on our new community photo album. 

New to Folklore? Click below to see the component photo album:


Continue your adventure between game sessions with the official Folklore: The Affliction fiction, written by acclaimed fantasy author Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms®) and the Ed Greenwood Group of creatives. Click here to read The Whispering Skull, a novel written by Ed Greenwood, set in the world of Folklore, along with the “Black Alithe” short story, written by rising star Nick Fife.

See more about shipping towards the bottom of this page
See more about shipping towards the bottom of this page


  “Many people have asked us, “What is the closest board game to an RPG?” and I can now say that this game is absolutely the closest experience I’ve had. So much story, character development, choices, thought out missions, side quests during a specific mission... it pretty much kills every other ameritrashy campaign game I’ve tried thus far. We had a total blast with it. ”~Jamie, Secret Cabal

"You move carefully through the stone hallway, lit only by a patch of moonlight and the smoldering stump of a torch in your hand. Sweat drips from your forehead - if you make a sound, it could be your last. Somewhere in this estate hides a creature who is neither living nor dead, who drinks the cherry blood of his guests, and whose gaze warps the mind of all who meet it. You clutch the wooden spike tightly to your chest, your pounding heart daring you to drop it. Finally, you find the door that leads to the master bedroom. You hold your breath, savoring it as your reach for the cold iron knob..."

Become one of six unique characters, increasing in knowledge and skill as you embark on a frightful journey to save the world of Folklore from the horrors that plague it. Will you survive the adventure that awaits? Will your courage falter and your friends fail you? Or will you become legends? Open and find out… 


  • A cooperative or solo campaign requiring no game master
  • Six core stories with multiple paths and endings
  • Play as one of six unique archetypes - Arcanist, Archaeologist, Avenging Madman, Exorcist,Telepath or Witch Hunter - and customize them with a focus and branching progression path.
  • Unlock abilities, prayers, and rituals for defeating challenges both in and out of combat.
  • Discover over a 100 unique items, equipment, and ancient artifacts to aid in your quest.
  • Beautifully rendered double-sided terrain maps, 72 standees, and hundreds of gorgeous illustrations!

Click here for for close-ups of what is inside the box.

 "There have been a lot of games that have tried to give an RPG experience in a board game format. I have played a lot of them. I finally found one that does it with Folklore." ~ Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

The Dark Tales expansion contains nine more stories, featuring new systems for dungeon exploration and open-world adventure. Play as one of six new archetypes, or continue your campaign with your existing characters from the Folklore: The Affliction core game*. Be prepared: your quest in The Dark Tales expansion will take you to the heart of evil plaguing Kremel. You’ll need to gather your companions, train new abilities, and uncover powerful artifacts to strike back against the shadows seeping throughout the realm.


  • Extend your campaign with nine new full-length stories
  • Go looking for trouble with Rumor Cards—22 free-play adventures throughout the land. 
  • Explore the dark with new Dungeon Crawl Exploration scenarios. 
  • Six new characters to choose from—the Butcher, Courtesan, Illusionist, Scientist, Slayer, and Woodsman. 
  • 52 new maps to explore 
  • New Abilities, Artifacts, Afflictions, Creatures, Companions, Maps, and Items! 
  • This box set comes with 72 Standees for Creatures and Afflictions.
  • **Thanks to unlocks, now includes the Heirloom and Artifact card decks, as well as the Shadow lord crossover affliction.**

 *Not a standalone product. Requires Folklore: The Affliction core game to play.

Miniatures Box Set

**Thanks to unlocks, now includes the Shadow Lord Affliction miniature (not shown above) for a total of 77 miniatures**

“Folklore is all about diving into the action … [with a] complete focus on narrative and immersion. There are dozens of small flourishes which continually bring a smile to your face.” - Charlie Theel, Geek & Sundry

Folklore: The Affliction is an immersive world steeped in mysteries for you to uncover, threads to follow, and choices to make. Its filled with tons of ways to customize and progress your character, and dozens of asymmetrical monsters to master. That being said, our focus with Folklore is to get players right into the action, without requiring you to study the rulebook before playing. All of the key elements of play are taught via the story, giving you only the info you need when you need it! Below are some playthrough videos, so you can watch the game in action. 

 *Comprehensive new overview/review video from Tim Jennette

 “The Exploration mode was awesome, I love how you move around the map, and I love the Road Events. It reminds me of playing D&D 2nd edition. I was absolutely sucked into the story and the characters. I could not be happier with this purchase... 9/10, and that might go up.” ~ Phil, Epic Fail Gaming

Click here to read the PDF Rulebook


Want to try the game? Click here for a free Print-and-Play demo! 


"This game is essentially an entire role playing game boiled down… easy to visualize and easy to play. There’s all types of variability through monsters, items, and abilities… but it's nice and accessible.” - Ryan Metzler, Dice Tower

What are fans saying?

"The best way to describe Folklore: The Affliction is as a meld between modern dungeon-crawling board games, like Descent, and classic Dungeons & Dragons role playing adventures." ~ The League of Nonsensical Gamers

"...this [is a] highly enjoyable and deeply thematic experience. If you're eagerly awaiting your copy to arrive... [get] excited for what the future brings. And if you're reading this as a fan of Touch of Evil... do yourself a favor and pick up Folklore as soon as you can. ~ Pete Wyse, backer

My hopes for this was Shadows of Brimstone meets A Touch of Evil - and it's delivered that PLUS more RPG elements! :) Had a play of the first chapter last night with 4 players, was a blast ~Adam Trezise, backer

I played a friends' copy for the first time today. Three of us set aside a couple of hours, but ended up doing a 9 hour marathon, and we could have happily continued if real life hadn't got in the way. It was just so much fun. Reminded me of those all-day RPG sessions that I used to enjoy years ago... ~ Paul F, backer

"If you are looking for a really EPIC experience that is incredibly ambitious, this is really one you're going to want to check out."~ Forrest Bower, Bower's Game Corner 


  • “Folklore The Affliction: Adventure Creation Kit”: Create your own stories, creatures, characters, afflictions, maps and much more! Everything you need to turn Folklore into your own sandbox adventure system! Additionally, includes one full-length sample story. Approximately 60 pages softcover book.
  • “Folklore The Affliction: Nightmare Adventures”: Contains six full-length, extra challenging end-game stories (three brand new stories, and three previously released in PDFs now in physical form). This storybook is not for the faint of heart; you'll want to bring a party of battle-hardened adventurers to the table! Approximately 60 pages softcover book.  
  •  Metal Leader Token:  A limited edition, Kickstarter exclusive, embossed metal leader token with inlaid color, replacing the token in the core game (50 mm in diameter, 5 mm thick).

 A bundle specifically for returning backers, including:

  • The Adventure Creation Kit
  • Nightmare Adventure Book
  • Update Pack
  • Equipment Pack
  • Metal Leader Token & Dice Bag
  • **Now includes 5 vita/pp/creature trackers**
    • Core game (2nd edition)  
    • Metal Leader Token & Dice Bag
    • Core game (2nd edition)
    • Dark Tales (2nd Edition)
    • Metal Leader Token & Dice Bag
    • Core game (2nd edition) 
    • Dark Tales (2nd edition) 
    • Miniatures Box Set 
    • Metal Leader Token & Dice Bag
    A new "all-in" pledge, containing just about every last drop of fun Folklore: The Affliction has to offer. See the reward level for more details. **Now includes 5 vita/pp/creature trackers**

    ***Shipping charged after the campaign*** We will run a short pledge manager after the campaign ends, where you will be required to confirm your address and pay for shipping and invited to choose any add ons you'd like (listed in the "add ons" section below).

    These rewards ship to anywhere in the world. Customs friendly shipping for the US, CA, AU, and EU. You can see shipping estimates in the "Shipping" section below.

    It fits in that dungeon crawler category... but it's much more than that... I love this game. It's really a blend of so many things, you can't really pigeonhole it. It's the closest game I've ever played to an RPG that's still a board game… it’s very unique.”  ~Charlie Theel of Ding and Dent

    If you'd like to add more content to your pledge level, you may add funds by clicking "manage my pledge" (available after you've selected a level). A post campaign Pledge Manager will be open for a brief window after the Kickstarter ends, during which you will be able to tell us which add-ons you pledged for. You will also have an opportunity to add more funds during the pledge manager, if you decide you want to upgrade last minute. Add-ons do not come in pairs; you are free to mix and match any combination of add-ons you'd like, adding the sum total to your pledge.

    Folklore Miniatures (FL33): 76 Miniature replacements for standees in Core & Expansion box sets. *Colossal Dark Oak, Terrain & Wraith sold separately

    Ghost Miniatures (FL05): In Folklore, deceased characters carry on as ghosts, with a new set of otherworldly skills and abilities, as they work towards being reunited with their mortal body. The Ghost Miniature Pack contains alternate figures for each of the 12 playable characters in Folklore: The Affliction, cast in an ethereal blue translucent plastic. This box also contains an exclusive bonus miniature - The Wraith, a fearsome apparition, here to thwart our heroes from beyond the grave.

    World Events (FL03): Adds Environments, Festivals, Seasons, and Town events to Folklore: The Affliction. These optional mechanics provide additional variety and tension, altering your path through the main storylines for better or for worse.

    Recipes & Crafting (FL04): Adds crafting recipes and new items to Folklore: The Affliction, allowing you to create augmentations and uniquely powerful items.

    Terrain Pack (FL08): Highly detailed miniatures to replace the tokens in the core game. Includes 4 doors, 2 archways, 4 tombstones, 2 sarcophagus, 2 portcullises, 4 scarecrows and the Book of Dark Dimensions. 

    Colossal Dark Oak (FL09): A massive affliction miniature to replace the token in the core game, the Colossal Dark Oak comes with an alternate set of head and arms that snap in requiring no glue. 

    Encounter Record Sheet (FL10): Record your group's information and progress during play and between sessions.

    Character Record Sheet (FL11): Record your characters' information and progress during play and between sessions.

    Neoprene Player Mat (FL12): Organize your character's equipment, abilities, companions, and statuses with this beautifully rendered 11 x 10in player mat. 

    Oversized World Map (FL13): This massively immersive map replacement is 40.287 x 23.5 in - perfect for gaming tables!

    Folklore Update Pack (FL38): Contains the rule book and cards that come in the 2nd printing that will be updated based on errata.

    Adventure Creation Kit & Nightmare Adventures (FL23): Create your own stories, creatures, characters, afflictions, maps and much more. Everything you need to turn Folklore into your own sandbox adventure system, plus a total of six full-length stories!

    Folklore: The Affliction Core Game 2nd Printing (FL31): Get an extra copy of the core game.

    Folklore: The Affliction Dark Tales Expansion 2nd Printing (FL32): Get an extra copy of the expansion.

     Core & Dark Tale Standees (FL37): Get the standees that come with the core game and the Dark Tales Expansion, along with 15 stands.

    Equipment Pack (FL39): An experiential upgrade that replaces the text-only character specific items and companions obtained via town services with physical cards.

    Ame, Corrupted Affliction (FL40): A special jumbo-sized crossover affliction from Champions of Hara, featuring cards for both games. Includes a side quest consisting of an Off-road event and Rumor cards, as well as her affliction card for Folkore.

    Vita/PP/Creature Tracker (FL41): A pack of five double sided trackers with dials for keeping track of either one character’s stats or up two two foes in an encounter. One side tracks a character’s vita and power points - the alternate side can be used for creatures or afflictions. Art and design not final. Check the updates for new previews!

    During its original campaign in 2015, Folklore: The Affliction unlocked a lengthy list of SGs, which we spent the better part of a year and half developing. Our goal for this campaign is to bring the adventure to a greater audience here on Kickstarter, and then to retail. With this in mind, we will focus on social stretch goals to help spread the word about Folklore. All stretch goals will be meant to enhance the game as it stands, while having minimal development time so as not to delay the estimated delivery date. 

     All pledge levels now include a Folklore: The Affliction cloth dice bag.

     A pack of updates for returning backers, including a revised rulebook, errata cards, and reprinted character booklets for The Dark Tales expansion. Included in the Farmer level and Available as an add-on to any pledge for $12

     A pack of punch board standees encompassing both the core game and Dark Tales expansion. Available as an add-on for $15 

     The Adventure Creation Kit will now include a double-sided bookmark featuring community chosen art!

     A pack containing 90-120 cards representing the character specific items and companions that are otherwise text only. Available as an add-on for $12.

    • 100 New Facebook Likes (complete!) 
    • 10 Folklore Photos with Julie at PAX Unplugged (complete!)
    • 20 Campaign Tweets (complete!)
    • BGG Thread Participation (complete!)
    • 50 Facebook shares (complete!)
    A total of 10 unlocked cards (5 Road events, and 5 Off-Road events) included in the Dark Tales Expansion 2nd printing and Update Pack for returning backers.

 This coming July (2018) we will release the first of four chapters, unlocked by this tremendous community of a PDF side-campaign. Each chapter is meant to be played in between the main stories featured in Folklore: The Affliction, and will end in a choose-your-path moment. We'll be asking members of the community to vote for which path their group chose - and the most popular choice will become cannon, shaping the the step chapter and the world of Folklore. Chapters will be released on a monthly basis.

We are now able to develop dial-based trackers to replace those found in the core game. The design features dials on top and bottom to track the  vita and power points of your character. Even more exciting, the trackers are double sided, and can be flipped over to track up to two creatures in an encounter, instead of one character. Packs of 5 trackers will be included in the Farmer and Mystic pledge level for free, and sets of 5 will also be available to add-on to any pledge for $5.

The Esoteric Order of Gamers will now be creating a comprehensive rules summary, play-through videos, live streams, and other supporting content for the Folklore: The Affliction community.

Thanks to the votes and support of the community, the Dark Tales expansion has been upgraded to include the Demons & Dark Artifacts bonus pack, which includes the Heirlooms deck, the Artifacts deck, and the Shadow Lord - a cross over affliction from the Midara franchise. Backers who already own the Dark Tales expansion and would like to obtain the Demons & Dark Artifacts pack should email us at


    With 12 successful Kickstarters under our belt, we have learned a lot about what it takes to get our games into your hands. One of the biggest things is how variable the cost of shipping can be. As such, we will be charging shipping after this Kickstarter concludes, according to the actual costs incurred to ship to your area. We will do this through our own Pledge Manager system once this Kickstarter has concluded.  

    There are two reasons we do this. First, it allows us to provide a lower rate on the actual pledge levels and structure a much tighter budget for the campaign and stretch goals since we do not have to estimate for shipping costs. Second, the funds raised for the project are 100% for the actual project itself rather than being partially inflated by shipping costs that may not be accurate.Though the pricing may vary due to any add-ons you pledge for by the end of the campaign, these are our closest estimates for shipping, based on region.

  • For the Townsman level:

    • USA: Average of $15 to most states. 
    • CANADA: Average of $18 to most cities. 
    • EUROPE: Average of $25 to most countries. 
    • OCEANIA: Average of $20 to Australia. Average of $30 to New Zealand. 
    • Rest of World: Average of $80 to most countries
    For the Minstrel/Farmer pledge level:
    • USA: Average of $6 to most states ($10 for Farmer). 
    • CANADA: Average of $8 to most cities ($12 for Farmer)
    • EUROPE: Average of $12 to most countries ($16 for Farmer). 
    • OCEANIA: Average of $12 to Australia. Average of $20 to New Zealand ($16-25 for Farmer).
    • Rest of World: Average of $35 to most countries ($40 for Farmer).
    For the Mystic pledge level:  
    • USA: Average of $20 to most states.  
    • CANADA: Average of $23 to most cities. 
    • EUROPE: Average of $30 to most countries.   
    • OCEANIA: Average of $25 to Australia. Average of $35 to New Zealand. Rest of World: Average of $95 to most countries

    Unfortunately, import laws and customs have made it impossible for us to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

    Note that the above prices are all import/customs friendly, except for “World.” These numbers are based on regional averages, and are subject to change.

    Greenbrier Games has teamed up with Twin Fire Productions to produce this amazing game. We are very excited about Folklore and we are enjoying working with Twin Fire Productions on this adventure!

    There are many people that have embarked together on this quest to aide in the development of Folklore:The Affliction. Here are a few:

    Ed Greenwood! In between game sessions you can continue your adventures in Folklore: The Affliction by reading the novels from Ed Greenwood and other works by members of The Ed Greenwood Group's Sessorium of Creatives. Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms® and a myriad of other worlds, universes, and shared settings and a New York Times best-selling author of literally thousands of works that have sold over a quarter billion units (250,000,000) in a dazzling array of formats in over 40 languages in more than 120 countries. 

     The Whispering Skull, a novel written by Ed Greenwood, set in the world of Folklore: The Affliction, along with the “Black Alithe” short story, written by rising star Nick Fife are on sale today!

    Click to read the Folklore Official Fiction

     Adam & Brady Sadler, designers of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and Warhammer Quest: the Adventure Card Game, have joined the team to co-developing Folklore: The Affliction. Their experience and professionalism has taken the development of Folklore: The Affliction to new heights.

    Jason Engle is the illustrator behind Folklore:The Affliction and is responsible for bringing the depth and style that makes it such an artistically immersive game. See more of his work at

    Stephen Gibson is the visionary graphic designer who came on the project in 2016 to redesign the game's components and bring his unique style to the world of Folklore: The Affliction. Stephen has worked on dozens of tabletop titles in the past few years, most notably his own project, Grimslingers.

    Henning Ludvigsen created the majority of the gorgeous top down illustrations for the encounter maps in all their gritty glory. You can see his incredible gallery online here.

 This project is promoted by Jellop, a direct­ response online advertising agency specializing in Kickstarter campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Working with Jellop has been an absolute joy, start to finish. They are incredibly professional, attentive, and flexible, with an enthusiastic team of creatives and ink-slingers. I highly recommend them to anyone hoping to bring a dream to life via crowdfunding. - Walter, Greenbrier Games

Available Rewards:

$333USD + Shipping


Everything you need to fight evil!


  • Folklore The Affliction (Core Game)
  • Folklore The Affliction: Dark Tales
  • Folklore The Affliction: Nightmare Adventures
  • Folklore The Affliction: Adventure Creation Kit
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
  • Miniature Box Set: (76 minis!)
  • Ghost Pack
  • Terrain Pack
  • Five (5) Neoprene Player Mats
  • Demons & Dark Artifacts
  • Giant Neoprene World Map
  • Character & Encounter Record Pads
  • Colossal Dark Oak Miniature Box
  • Card Packs - World Events, Recipes, & Equipment
    *Ame, The Corrupted Affliction (Champions of Hara Crossover)
  • 5 Double-sided Vita/Power Point/Foe tracker dials
$30USD + Shipping



  • Folklore The Affliction: Adventure Creation Kit
  • Folklore The Affliction: Nightmare Adventures
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
$40USD + Shipping


The Returning Backer Bundle


  • Folklore The Affliction: Adventure Creation Kit
  • Folklore The Affliction: Nightmare Adventures
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
  • Returning Backer Update Pack
  • Equipment Card Pack
  • 5 Double-sided Vita/Power Point/Foe Dial Trackers
$60USD + Shipping



  • Folklore The Affliction (Core Game)
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
$115USD + Shipping



  • Folklore The Affliction (Core Game)
  • Folklore The Affliction: Dark Tales
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
$150USD + Shipping



  • Folklore The Affliction (Core Game)
  • Folklore The Affliction: Dark Tales
  • KS Exclusive Metal Leader Token
  • Miniature Box Set: (77 minis!)

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